Is Charity Will Writing Services The Right Choice?

Writing a will can be daunting. Remembering and acknowledging all of your loved ones with cash gifts, assets and sentimental objects can make it quite a tedious task. Its why you should start looking for a Will Writing Services such as us trusted will writing.

What is written in a will is usually legally binding and thus has to be followed and obeyed by those involved.

You can choose to create a will yourself but it can be very challenging to remember all of the different items in your life as well as all of those you want to gift. It may be a good idea to take away from the stress of formatting the will by relying on a service in order to focus more on the actual contents.

But who do you turn to? There are many different companies out there that offer will writing services, some of them indirectly.

For example, if you get life insurance or funeral cover then sometimes the company providing this will offer a free will writing service.

If you do not have insurance in this regard but you would still like to rely on a service, there are other things you can turn to. First of all, are charities that offer free will writing services.

Though it is indeed free, there is an expectation that you will leave a donation to said charity in the will itself.

The second type of service are companies fully dedicated to will writing. These organizations have a lot more experience in drafting a will but will require payment (though this is a fixed and usually affordable amount).

In order to compare these two offers, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages:

Charity Will Writing Service


  • There is no upfront cost
  • If you leave a donation, you’re helping charity
  • There is no legal demand for payment

Disadvantages/Things to Know

  • Quality is not a given
  • A donation is expected in your will
  • Most charities require you to be a certain age or above
  • Appointments are often limited

Will Writing Services


  • Quality is assured
  • This is a low-cost option
  • These are usually regulated
  • Some offer free trials

Disadvantages/Things to Know

  • You’ll have to pay an upfront fee
  • Complex wills can be an issue
  • Some of these services aren’t appropriate for business wills
  • Costs go up depending on the quality you want

Using a will writing service can cut out a lot of time and make it a lot simpler. Though using a charity service can keep the cost down, you feel obliged to leave a donation to a service that may not be completely dedicated to creating a legal high quality will.

If you rely on a professional will writing service, you will have to pay a low charge but you will be interacting with committed solicitors who will create exactly what you require.

You can also put a donation for a charity into your will whilst receiving this service.

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