What To Do With Your Will Once You Have One

How to Keep a Will Safe and What to do With Wills Once You Have One

Your wills is a very important document that needs proper care. It enables you to allocate property, possessions, and money to groups, individuals, and selected organizations when you’ve died.

After creating wills, another concern arises as to where you should store it so your executor won’t have a tough time finding the original document once needed. There are actually several options you have.

At Home

Your home is definitely one of the safest spots for keeping the original copy of your wills. Above all, it is the cheapest and easiest option. However, we cannot deny the risks involved. Just be sure to store it in a fireproof and waterproof safe, whether in a locked filing cabinet or any other with any other personal belongings.

Safe Deposit Box

Though, keep in mind that storing your wills in their safe deposit box is not always a good idea. Your state still has control. Some states allow people to open their safe deposit box to locate, while others require the family members or the executor to request for a court order before opening the box. Click here to see more if there are any questions!

Country Clerk of Probate Court

The probate or country clerk can enable you to keep your original wills for a minimal charge. However, the case differs from one stage to another. It is a very secure and easy service but can create hassles if you want to change. Also, it may not become helpful if you relocate to another state or country with the documents.


Your solicitors have normally stored the original copy of your wills without any single amount, only if they were the one who wrote it for you. If not, you can still ask them to keep a copy of your wills with permission by paying a specific amount of money. Since solicitors are regulated, have the peace of mind knowing they won’t damage or lose your document.

With Your Executor

Your executor is someone you trust. You can ask him to store your wills in a sealed envelope and in a safe place (e.g., his personal safe at home). Making some changes or updating your wills is less hassle on your part since you know where you could find him. Just let him know so that he doesn’t try to probate the old document.


Your lawyer can store it, sometimes at a small charge or with a big charge depending on the service. Often, lawyers have their own vault or safe deposit box for storing then documents of their clients. It is specifically a good option if you don’t intend to make any changes to your document and have used the service of the same lawyer for several years. Click here to see our prices!

Document Storage Company

This one is a newer option. Many online document storage companies store important documents – including a will – safe and private from floods, harm, and other potential physical damage. Password storage is also included. Still, you may want to check how they intend to keep your will, plus if they’re insured for any theft or damage that might occur. Read more on this topic with usĀ click here!

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