What Happens If You Haven’t Got A Will?

Every individual in this world has a definite time to say goodbye to our families and loved ones. It will come until that you must have a will. A will is important, especially if you have many properties that you will be leaving behind.

A will can serve as proof on the distribution of your property, debts, the guardians for children, and even more. Mostly, a will is used to distribute the property within the family. It is also used to appoint a guardian to the children or grandchildren you will be leaving behind.

If you don’t have a will, then you are facing multiple problems. Some consequences can surely risk the life of your children. It can also greatly affect your assets unplanned. Having a will is like planning the future for all of your resources, children, and last requests. To find out more about what happens if you haven’t got a will click here!

If your mind is still not made up in securing a will, then here are some consequences that you may experience even after your death.

  • Without a will, then you don’t have the chance to appoint a guardian for our child or children. Given that you don’t have a will after your death, the government will use proper mode actions to the lives of your children.
  • The capacity to have an executor will be void. Your executor will be the one to man or chief your estate. Without a will and an executor, someone will be appointing another executor that will use resources, delay in managing your estate.
  • The business that is manned by your family may be taken away unless that you have a will that is made appointing that your business must stay in the family.
  • Your assets will not be distributed to your family or to the person that you intend to. Without a will, claims may be made to your properties, and they may be taken.
  • Your heir may not receive the intended amount of financial resources, and there will be no trust fund for them.
  • Burial preferences for you may not be applicable without a will. If you want to be buried in a specific place that you like, then you must have a will.
  • You don’t have the opportunity to prohibit certain people from owning your asset or even estate. Laws may be applied, and it may be given to the person that doesn’t intend to.
  • If you want your estate to be owned by your grandchildren and not their parents, then the way of making this possible is through a will.

If this doesn’t convince you on making a will check out this link to go see our frequent questions on will writing and why it is important. Click here!

If you don’t have a will yet, then these are some of the consequences that you will be facing. Will ensures that your assets and resources will be given to the right hands.

You must make sure that your children, resources, estates, assets,  so you should consider getting a last will.

You can even use the will to put on last requests to be done after your death.

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